Donald Trump, the Greatest White American President

d shul
7 min readAug 26, 2020
Donald Trump actually is great in terms of the culture of depravity that he represents. (via)

Donald Trump is our nation’s biggest inspiration; we cannot stop thinking or talking about him. He inspires a wide range of sentiments, from fervid devotion to abject hatred and horrified bemusement. He stands for and proudly boasts what previous presidents could only sit behind closed doors to discuss.

He’s a white savior to conservatives and evil demon to liberals because he speaks to all of our vices and alleged virtues. Conservatives don’t see his faults because he twists them into virtues that they then worship in a cult of narcissistic personality, while liberals only see his faults and use his depravity as a fulcrum to leverage against recognizing the brutal traces of Americanism that exist within themselves. Joe Biden being the best presidential candidate liberals have to offer to defeat Trump is a testament to their disavowed corruption, albeit it is of a different form because conservatives are at least forthcoming about their depravity and don’t go through nearly as many efforts to hide it. Vampires who say they want blood are more virtuous than vampires who claim to be human while sucking blood from sleeping bodies in the night.

There is something morbidly refreshing about Donald Trump, for regardless of how we feel toward or what we think about him, he is clarifying our values and exposing the foundations of cruelty, lies, and distortions upon which White America has always depended.

Perceptions of greatness in a corrupt system are also corrupted, which means that what White America considers great should not be understood to be actually great, but great for White American corruption. It is in this sense that Donald Trump is the greatest White American president of all time, for no other president has demonstrated as steadfast or thorough a commitment to Americanism and all the depravity that commitment entails.

Trump is everything White America has always been about: lies, cheating, entitlement, exploitation, individualism, violence, cruelty, and, most importantly, artifice.

If American cheese isn’t actually cheese, then why should American presidents actually be presidents?

d shul

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